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This isn't quite right. Blue text for MAC addresses is an indicator that the MAC may be randomised by the discovered device. You can see more detail if you hover over that text. Out of Range cl

I have two questions for the knowledgable and willing. Ballparked, how involved would it be to create a module that tells you what programs you have running and what interfaces are being utilized by t


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Kali linux 2020
wifipineapple NANO
firmware version: 2.7.0
I have a problem .....

1. the client does not add me to the dashboard
2. when running "PineAP Daemon: enabled"
= the internet is disconnected on the site but I will connect to the Access Points=this working

My question is :

A./How do i set up networking

B./How do I set it correctly:pineAP set it so that the page does not disconnect me after connecting RECON.

C./Why doesn't the client appear on my control panel even when it's connected to my access point


I tried to follow the instructions and videos but without success, many videos are on the old version of wifipineaplle NANO. I will have a presentation in our school club and I still can't figure out how to put it all into operation.

I would be very happy if someone tried to advise me how to proceed, thank for everybody what help me.

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