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On 3/10/2016 at 6:41 PM, skib said:

My Issue no. 3: I cannot set Client PineAP filter entries from MACs from Scan results on the Recon page. They never appear in the Clients window on the Filters page.

My Issue no 4: I am unable to redirect a web browser to the Landing Page. On the Landing Page I have written a short sentence to be shown on the connected browser. When I enable the Landing Page, the message "404 Not Found, nginx 1.4.7" is shown on the connected browser.

My Issue no. 5 - and counting:

After having installed a few Modules, I also have several issues with them.

I also tried to uninstall/remove some modules, and to Update some, but NOTHING seemed to work (!)

So at this stage I am giving up - for now.

I realize that the Nano is far from a finished product, but rather something that requires a lot of debugging and fixing.

Debugging would be an exciting task - for those who have time to spare - but I am not one of them.

Still - I would like to follow the discussions here, and continue working with the Nano at a later stage - when it has matured a little.

(But I must say that I am a little bit SCARED of the low level of things. How can anyone send something like this - obviously as little tested as this - onto the "market"?)

I am using a Nano with Firmware version 1.0.5 and the Android WiFiPineapple App.

I have a dmesg output - taken after the Pineapple lost connectivity - but I don't know how/where to post/send it. Please advice.


Did you ever find out why you were not able to add clients from your scans to filters

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