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SDR starter kit vs Yardstick One

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You'll be able to receive a lot more with the SDR starter kit. ~25Mhz-1.7Ghz band, you can do a lot more receiving with it than you can the yardstick one

The yardstick one is more a purpose suited dongle for receiving/transmitting in the sub 1Ghz band range. It will assist in being able to do replay attacks on some common wireless items for example. You won't be able to do things like ADS-B (which is normally 1090mhz) or a lot of the other plain receiving based items you can do with the SDR starter kit.

I've just recently gotten into SDR and have everything from the SDR to yardStick to ubertooth to the hackRF (portapack is coming in the mail tomorrow :) and I can say for sure: "Start by getting the SDR starter kit". If you like playing around with that and seeing the things you can and are interested in doing more in that area, then look into getting a HAM operators license. Then look at getting a yardStick one or ubertooth one or hackRF. By that point you'll know a lot more about what each of those items do, why they are separate items and what you may want them for. As well as some of the legalities and consequences of transmitting on RF bands (which is one thing those other devices are capable of over the SDR starter kit).

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Correct, the rtl-sdr just receives.

The yardstick receives and transmits but in a much more limited range of frequencies.

Most of the time you would use the rtl-sdr to find/record what you want to playback in the yardstick. While you can receive/record with the yardstick it's not really an sdr dongle (at least from my understanding) so it's not really designed for that side of the work you'll have to do. The Hack.5 episodes do a lot better job of explaining all of that then I can, if you search for the ones using the yardstick you'll be able to see a bit more about the steps you would want to take to do some of the things you can do with the yardstick.

I'm not saying don't get a yardstick either, if it meets a need you have specifically it can get done what you need it too. Just saying that if you are looking to get into SDR and the huge world behind it you would be a lot better off starting with the cheaper rtl-sdr seeing if you like what you can do just receiving only. then move into the transmitting realm.

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