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How would you set up - RPi, stand-alone, self-powered, SSH?


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Hi all,

How would you go about setting up a stand-alone Raspberry Pi, which would;

  • Be powered by solar, battery, or any other method. At least a few days power, if possible.
  • Have some sort of internet connection available, so one can SSH / NetCat to it. (Dongle?)
  • Be as small and discreet as possible, so it doesn't get stolen.

*edit* Think weather monitoring station, but too far away to connect to the same WiFi network as your home PC, and not in range of any free WiFi hotspots.

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Easy. Get a solar/batt setup and a usb cell stick then hide it. What other details are you looking for exactly?

Ok haze1434, I will help you.

Step 1. Find the USB modem you want to use. Where are you going to be putting this? If lack of coverage could be an issue, check coverage maps (sprint.com/coverage etc). If not, find the cheapest data plan and buy a cheap USB stick. I'd check out Ting.com. Before you buy it, google around to make sure the raspberry pi can talk to it.

Step 2. Check the spec sheets for the Rpi and the cell stick for power usage. Add up any other peripherals ("weather monitoring" stuff or otherwise) power usage too.

Step 3. Google for a online solar calculator and determine how many watts and how many AH (amp hours) of battery you will need for autonomy. I'm guessing it will be something like a 20-30watt panel and a 100AH 6V deep cycle marine battery would be plenty.

Step 4. Find a decent solar controller (I'd recommend http://www.morningstarcorp.com/products/sunguard/)

Step 5. Wire it all up.

Step 6. Configure a reverse ssh tunnel to a VPS or other server you have (see hak5 episode(s) on this).

Step 7. Stuff it all in a box.

Step 8. Thank telot


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I believe a Pi is unsuitable for this application. You should pair a Teensie with an ESP8266 (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13736) to lower the power requirements (a.k.a. smaller and cheaper solar panel).

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