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Where did 'CTRL-SHIFT' go?


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Recently I wanted to load up my ducky with the mimikatz payload found here (https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Payload---mimikatz-payload). Using the current revision of duckencode.jar available from the github downloads, I get compilation errors when attempting to encode the mimikatz payload, specifically on the line of the script that registers 'CTRL-SHIFT ENTER'.

I went and reversed the .jar Encoder class and sure enough, I don't see the 'CTRL-SHIFT' keyword anywhere in there. Where'd it go? So many of the duckyscripts listed on the github wiki use this. It's a commonly used key sequence in Windows to get to the 'Run as Administrator' menu item.


Am I missing something completely obvious here? Is there another route to take in this case? Appreciate the help folks!

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Hopefully I'm doing something silly, but I'm getting an error using the CTRL-SHIFT sequence. I get a compilation error, "Error on Line: X".

If I remove the hyphen, like


then it compiles OK, but doesn't seem to execute the expected sequence.

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