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Help me find if this is real or fake please!

Adam Smith

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This may seem like quite a weird question. I came across this video on YouTube where this Dutch guy was apparently hacking stuff such as a train station large display, or a bridge, or sending mass SMSs using "cellbroadcasting". At first it seemed very difficult to believe but after a while I noticed that it may very well be possible since he works with some IT company and ther is a legit interview with him. The comments section is mixed however, and I am attaching a link to the video so you can see for yourself.



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Nice try but the guy is full of shit.

Cell broadcasting is a normal feature of GMS and more often than not used for advertising and regional alerting (the nuclear plant blew up!) but it's massively expensive to use because each delivered SMS will be charged to you as if you just sent it.

The Porsche thing sounds fun, but the guy is:

1) claiming to hack a car.

2) in fact, *that* *specific* car, which he never before saw or noticed.

3) it has white plates with dutch-style numbers even though the normal color for dutch plates has for years been yellow (alts are green for temp insured cars, like when you test-drive a dealer's car, and more recently also blue for taxis). The car would be illegal to drive on the dutch roads.

4) He does everything by entering a command and pressing enter. When you drive a car from your PC, wouldn't you use keys for steering? Wouldn't you want to look at, you know, the road ahead of you?

It's all staged.

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