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Logging Recon Scans


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Right now the easiest way...Connect using your phone and screenshot them so you can look back on it or copy and paste the recon scan into textedit,leafpad w/e. They need to implement a notes box on each module to save notes or reminders etc..

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It would be better if you could implement a method to allow the on screen recon results to be exported out to the SD card. That would allow for a quick dump of something that might be interesting instead of waiting an hour for the cron job to run.

Ya know what I mean?


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You can also find your recon scans in /tmp if you SSH to your nano. They come up on mine as "recon_ap-##########" and "recon_clients-#########" Just SCP those (via a local machine terminal, not the SSH session one) to your local machine and you can read through them at your leisure. An export button would be neat, but they're still there for you if you want them now.

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