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problems after 1.0.5 firmware update


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C'mon man, hijacking this thread is exactly what you meant to do with your sarcastic "oh you mean like how..." post. Own up to it.

Nexus 5's are ~$120 on wharehousedeals.com. That's what I got when my S4 wouldn't tether. See, I had your same problem with tethering but instead of acting like a child, I made a bug report. Got confirmation it was getting worked on. Moved on.

Not sure what your issue with Sana is. I'm running it in a VM and bare metal on a Chromebook (not crouton) and wp6 works just fine on both.

Lol typical reply like you're not hijacking this thread with your comments What does the Requirements on the box say again? Remind everyone what requirements are for NANO.

When you get to the part where it says Smartphone and tablet you feel free to remind everything that not everyone smartphone or tablet is compatible How misleading is that? People will assume they could use ANY smartphone or tablet so let me go pull out my old Droid I have laying around and try seeing how well a smartphone from 6 years or more works on it since all I need is a smart phone.

I only made the first reply because of...

Some people have no issues using their NANO other people do so yes I used sarcasm. They completely let my thread go all the way to page two so rather than me trying to keep bumping the thread to get help I figured I'd make that comment I did guilty as charged.

I love how this guy has only been on this forum less than a month and is trying to talk to me as if I was new here or something. Dude you don't spend the amount of hours I put on this forum trying to help people and reading comments I mean have you even released any videos trying to teach people how to use a product you don't even make any money from?

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I downgraded firmware by moving the old firmware over to the tmp directory via filezilla then sysupgrade -n -v /tmp/upgrade.bin (https://www.wifipineapple.com/?flashing)

Took awhile, had me a bit scared. I did try the Jsteve method but it wouldn’t give me the 169.xxx.xxx.xxx ip.

I wanted to see if reaver works for me on the older firmware but didn’t realize that 1.0.5 fixed the packages, and I forgot to make a copy of the sources.

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