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Coding/Applications for HAK5 pineapple nano, turtle, ducky


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Hi everybody,

I am a combat veteran who is a first year student in a EE program. I have purchased the Pineapple Nano, 2 turtles, and a rubby ducky to play with and see what I can create with them. I am very new to coding and I am currently trying to get better with Linux and learn C. Also I am familiar with networking however if anyone had good posts/ reccomendations / links to source material that would help me better understand the process and hardware as well as applications or examples. Also if I am on the right track with the programming languages I am pursuing if I am interested in Hardware interfaces. I really appreciate any input I am new to this so I appreciate you guys taking time to help a newbie.

Respectfully Submitted


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Hi Sg24usmc

On the LAN turtle if you get out of the shell go to

ls /usr/lib/turtle/modules/ 

Then use nano to browse those modules. Everything is written in Bash so it is quite easy to read and make your own modules here. Test them out and see if they work for what you need. Also you can go read the bash code at Hak5 github page. https://github.com/hak5/lanturtle-files.

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And since you asked about the Ducky too:

  • Check out the Ducky FAQ
  • Look at the different payloads in the section
  • Start small (e.g. : open Notepad and type "Hello World!")
  • Don't hesitate to ask :wink:
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