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Evil Portal Question


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I thought I posted this last night but was super tired so I could be wrong. If one of the admins took it down please let me know so I don't post this again. I created my splash page for the evil portal to include my css file. I am a huge fan of bootstrap for writing the code since it does simply and lessen my work load. Also because of picture sizes I didn't want to put the pictures on the pineapple itself but instead I wanted to put everything on my usb. I then went in and edited the conu.php and the preview.php files to reflect the location of my new splash.html file on the USB. The infusion page shows my code and everything for the new site. However when I start nodogsplash the redirect page is still the splash.html page that came with the infusion. At first I tried finding out what file was pulling that so I could change it. However when I couldn't do that I tried moving my splash page to replace the standard splash page. This then of course displays my code but without any of my CSS or Bootstrap. The next step I did was change the source location links in the HTML and CSS itself the the following two options.



However all I am getting still is just the wording from my HTML no supporting code ie. my images (which I don't want on the pineapple), the css, or the bootstrap. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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nginx doesn't have access to your usb device (rather the user accessing the web page doesn't have access to it) so you won't be able to pull files that way. Look at the conversation in this thread about how your directory structure should be for nodogsplash. It should help you out. If you use a MKV you can just grab a copy of PortalAuth, clone a portal, and see how it's set up. Eventually I'll get the time to move it to the NANO and TETRA.

Once you have your directories for your portals you can easily swap them in and out of /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs/ to change the portal that gets displayed. You should be accessing everything from the images/ directory with the $imagesdir variable.


Also check out the nodogsplash wiki.

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Thanks for the reply. I was trying to save the space on my pineapple because of the images and the bootstrap. I will try it tonight after work and make sure it works. So everything should be in the image file and then ust use $imagesdir/filename for anything I need to link to. Thanks again.

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