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Kali Linux Rolling 2016.1 boots up into hibernation mode


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I dual boot my laptop with Ubuntu and Kali Linux, after doing a fresh install of Kali Linux - burning the new ISO and installing without any issues at all however when i go to boot up my newly installed and up-to-date Kali machine it starts up in what i can only describe as 'sleep' or 'hibernation' mode because the screen is blank with the power button flashing.
I don't even get to the login screen, until i close my laptop lid then re-open it then loads that clock screensaver thing then i am able to get a prompt to enter my username and password.

What is going on and how can i avoid this?

BTW i installed this new Kali ISO on a different laptop and i did not encounter this issue. I can't explain why i have a problem with one but not the other.

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