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NANO Crashed, SD card won't mount, settings aren't fully saved


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So I was steadily running along, enjoying the new modules, decided to run the ettercap module. It started as usual, then the NANO stopped responding. Eventually an admin login prompt popped up, so it must have crashed and rebooted itself. Man, this sucks... I thought, but okay, I'll just start over.

I went back to the Modules panel and it was blank, no modules installed. Hmm, that's strange. So I went to the Advanced section, and sure enough the microSD card wasn't mounted in the filesystem. I then proceeded to check the Dashboard, and it was blank... then PineAP settings, back to defaults and disabled, yet at boot I have it set to launch with everything checked.

Finally, I shut it down, popped out the microSD card, unplugged the NANO, plugged the card and power back in, booted back up, and that's where I am now. No more card, all the modules are gone, settings seem to be a mix of defaults (seemingly random) and a bunch of stuff I had set. Before I go ahead and flash this thing, is there a method of recovering the card to check whatever data I had captured?

Anybody else encounter a similar crash?


dmesg output states: EXT4-fs (sda1): couldn't mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities

Also, I'm able to browse /sd/ via ssh so it's 'mounting' somehow. I'm not familiar enough with Linux or the Pineapple to diagnose it further, but this is what I've got so far. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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did you try formatting the sd card from the configure menu on the pineapple?

yeah, eventually did. though i was able to get to the files through ssh, just confused as to a) what caused the crash and b) why settings would be 'corrupt' or not start with the defaults as specified. Now after booting, about 25% of the time PineAP just starts with random settings. Tried clearing browser cache, etc to make sure it wasn't cached. Such odd behavior. It's working now though... :huh:

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