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So I would like to get everyones opinion on this and I know no one is a lawyer but as far as I can tell what I am about to talk about is legal to do but please let me know if I am incorrect.

So I am interested in knowing what kind of neighbors I have so I am looking at connecting my wifi pineapple to my home network and using evil portal. On the landing page for the evil portal would be a wifi pineapple image and some words along the lines of "This network is not for public use however if you do decide to use this network you are doing so by agreeing to the terms of use below. Then there would be a link to a terms of use modal window which would discuss that using this network you consent to having ALL of your network traffic monitored and so forth listing some of the possible monitoring. That could take place. Then of course below would be a button that says continue and words below it again stating by clicking continue you agree to the terms of use.

Opinions? Legal since they are jumping on MY network?

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Well as the developer of Evil Portal I feel obligated to say that I do not condone anything that Evil Portal is used for accept for legitimate things and if you do anything illegal with it I am not responsible and its all on you.

With that said as long as you are not forcing or encouraging people to use your wireless network and they connect to it 100% by choice AND agree to your terms I think it would be fine. However I am not a lawyer and don't take any of this as legal advice and again I am not responsible for your actions and I can't be held accountable. I recommend just not spying on people thats kind of creepy.

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I want to thank you for your response and as I mentioned I realize no one on here can provide legal advice but I do think my post may have been taken in the wrong manner and as you are the developer of the infusion I would not want you to think your creation was being used improperly.

First karma on the pineapple will be off and I would not in any way be attempting to trick or entice someone to join the network. The only thing "enticing" would be that it is an open network which is still illegal which leads us to the second statement.

Second I am not wanting to spy on my neighbors or anyone of that manner but more check and see just how ethical they are and are they attempting to use free wifi since it is there which would lead to the third part.

Third, and yes this could be misconstrued as spying but the people in my neighborhood all pay for internet as is apparent by the number of access points. So if they are paying for wifi why would they connect to an open network? Is it in order to conduct a malicious activity or visit nefarious sites? So the site visits, urlsnarf, are the only things I would really be paying attention to.

I hope this clears things up and makes my intentions a little clearer.

Thanks again for a great infusion.

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