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Beware of Killer Nanos! (A jockular comment)


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I received my Nano today (woo!), and RTFM'ed before even thinking about plugging it up. The tiny card that came with it seemed pretty straightforward until I got to the part about FCC regulations.

NORMALLY, I skip over them but for some reason (*cough*masochistic curiosity*cough), I decided to indulge.

Anyways.... my favorite part was:

RF Exposure (OET Bulletin 65) To comply with the FCC RF exposure requirements for mobile transmitting devices, this transmitter should only be used or install at locations where it there is at least 20cm separation distance between the antenna and all persons.

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*Sigh* somehow I managed to highlight the "Post" button whilst writing and subsequently submitted before I was done... AND I am unable to locate an Edit function....

(first post cont.)

In order to comply to the bulletin I am disallowed from operating my Nano on my belt strap! Therefore it must be relegated to the outer reaches of my EDC XD... this amuses me.

<The End>


<For siris this time>

- Banjo

p.s. Moderators please feel free to merge this double post v.v .... cause you know... my bad...

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