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Unable to make payload execute correctly


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Hello! my USB rubber ducky just arrived in the mail and starting to play around with it.

But there is one issue that i come across with the payload generator and doing a small edit to it

The system is on norwegian so the generated ALT+Y is not working and got changed to ALT+J which is the correct keyboard for the language. I just copied the script that was generated for what i selected at the generator. It works editing from alt+y to alt+j but when i copy the script back into the encoder to get it as i need alot of the next is changed and not the original one i got from the payload generator

like, i did select to store the information at the computer at "C:\Users" and the script generated show the path the report is going to be saved to. But when i copy the text to the encoder the path to C:\users and the reporting it should do disappear.

Have anyone encountered this before or know why the encoder act the way it does by editing the script i copy into it?

When copying the script i got from the payload generator and editing the alt+y to what i need and run the rubber ducky it start doing the task it is supposed to do but at the part it is supposed to report is broken as the encoder remove it from the script.

You probably got the idea :=)

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