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Getocean - battery powered mobile linux server


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Preeeety interesting. Decent price point considering what you get

2 days continuous CPU usage with the battery

Any flavor of linux you want

Web-based administration (or just ssh in, because you know thats what we'll all do)

Bluetooth 4.0 (aka BLE, meaning beacons and whatnot)




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I don't understand what I would use this for. If I'm going to run a server, and require it be mobile, why not save the money and use a VM on your laptop? I guess you could build a server for malicious stuffs and try to use this in conjunction with the Pineapple but I don't think it would be worth it to spend $150 for that.

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If it everything works right out of the box and there is excellent software support it would be worth it. Otherwise a tablet of cell phone has decent battery life and it will run a web server just fine. A cheap phone can be had for $20 these days if you look for deals.

What would make worth $149 would be that it works without me having to spend hours figuring it out.

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