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MITM from other Android apps?


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I understand the firmware is new, and I know Darren talked a bit about colabriation with Nethunter.

In lieu of Random Roll.....Just for kicks, I connected to the Nano (nexus 6) and attempted to use cspliot and Zanti 2 (MITM features), to just play around with the image files, sort of a random roll with all images.

I was barely successful on one try, but the rest of the time, nothing, except for regular surfing or almost complete non responsive Internet to the client (IOS 8.1, and 5.11), and having to restart everything..

I can only guess the apps use ARP to change the images??......I could be completely wrong on that assumption.

My question is, is there something in the Nano/Openwrt firmware that prevents this? Any changes that I could make?

It seems to work ok on older routers, not for every site but certain sites.

I'm not really asking for help with the apps, but since "workflow" is the objective, I thought I might ask.

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Most likely the sites that don't work are using SSL/TLS. try rr on an http:// and then https:// youll notice it works on one but not the other.

ssl strip doesnt exactly work anymore and will just cause browsing issues for clients since most modern browsers impliment HSTS.I'm sure hak5 is working on a workaround but currently, sniffing, packet injection will only work with http://

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