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UK Pay as you go tethered burner phone


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Might be of use to those running an iOS device, and hence no tethering; I've picked up an LG Leon for £50 from EE. It's PAYG and EE allow tethering, some network operators block PAYG tethering.

Just tested the Pineapple app and tethering, all good.

I don't work for EE, just passing the info on. the phone itself is very unremarkable

Looking forward to playing around with the Nano on my commute now!

*edit: it's an Android device

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While I recommend using android devices, iPhone tethering is possible by using the "usb-net-ipheth" kmod and the information listed here.

Doesn't kmod-usb-net-ipheth module only work up til iOS 7? I read they removed it. If it works with iOS 9 I'll try this.

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