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List of modules without description from metasploit? Postgresql / Ruby help


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I wanted to write a GUI for msfvenom. I'm doing the GUI with Qt since I've used it before and it makes pretty interfaces. I was going to use a lot of dropdown menus and comboboxes to select options. I wanted to get a list of payloads to populate the combobox by looping through the results of a query like "search windows" or something like that. msfvenom --list almost does what I want except it wants to show the description.

What is the easiest way to get a list of modules? Pretty much I just want to get the modules by type.

I think somewhere in would be the code I need to edit but since I don't know a lick of ruby.

opt.on('-l', '--list [type]', Array, 'List a module type. Options are: payloads, encoders, nops, all') do |l| if l.nil? or l.empty?l = ["all"]endopts[:list] = lend 

  def dump_payloads
    init_framework(:module_types => [ ::Msf::MODULE_PAYLOAD ])
    tbl = Rex::Ui::Text::Table.new(
        'Indent'  => 4,
        'Header'  => "Framework Payloads (#{framework.stats.num_payloads} total)",
        'Columns' =>

    framework.payloads.each_module { |name, mod|
      tbl << [ name, mod.new.description.split.join(' ') ]

    "\n" + tbl.to_s + "\n"
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