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Pineapple Goals


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I have had my nano for 2 weeks now and just keep falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. I love it. Now real quick, I just wanted to say that I am new to this community and relatively new to networking as well.

I am pursuing a career in wireless network engineering and therefore studying for the CCENT/CCNA/CCNP Wireless certs as well as some CWNP certs to generalize my education.

Because I am fairly new I have decided to learn and practice with the nano at my side. For example... so far I have learned to analyze captured packets from the nano. This included learning some linux terminal commands as well as how the nano works.

But that's a simple and easy thing to learn right?

Well, I decided to create a list of goals to do with the nano. Most of these in my home network or with permission from clients. (I work in the wireless networking industry)

  1. WPA2 handshake capture and cracking (My own home network)
  2. SSL stripping and the process behind it.
  3. WarDriving
  4. educate others.
  5. ?
  6. profit. <--- the ethical way.

If anyone has any other recommendations for things to do with the nano to give me some experience for the future, please feel free to share with me.

I'm also up for discussing career options with Wireless Security Professionals if anyone is up for it.

Thanks for the hard work HAK5


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Welcome to the community HH0718! If you haven't already, check out Vivek's series on wireless megaprimer over on security-tube.


Though its a little outdated, it's still a fantastic guide on getting started with understanding the airwaves. I think your list is great, though number 2 (SSL Stripping) is kind of obsolete at this point. I'd argue its worthwhile to understand how it worked, just know that it is no longer very effective. WPA2 handshake cracking is great and I'd also add reaver wps attack and pixie dust to the list :)

Good luck!


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Thanks for the welcome. I've been lurking in and out of Hak5 Forums for the past few weeks and feel I have learned a lot already.

Thanks for the advice BTW. I will have to look at the video in the morning. As for the SSL stripping, I'm assuming web browser developers got wise and patched that fairly quickly. Either way, I'd love to learn the methods used. I find it very interesting.

As for WPA2 handshake cracking, I don't have a powerful computer and graphics card so I won't be doing much of that other than to learn the process like SSL stripping. From what I've learned anything more than 6 characters, symbols and numbers takes years to crack assuming it's not related to a dictionary word. <---- not 100% on that but something along those lines.

Anyway, thanks for the reply.


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