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Easiest Path to Wireshark Monitor Mode


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I'm trying to use Wireshark to debug a basic network application running on an Arduino+Wifi shield... simple short unencrypted TCP post traffic.

I've tried Wireshark with a few different usb adapters under Ubuntu and Windows.. but no luck. I installed Acrylic, and it says that the Netgear A6200 is in monitor mode, but when I open Wireshark it only sees MDNS traffic on the Arduino IP.

I also tried running Connectify Hotspot on a computer wired to the network... and while the Arduino connects to the access point, and to the internet, Wireshark still did not see the Arduino traffic.

Looking at the Wireshark wiki, it looks no monitor mode exists for Windows, and not all linux distros have the proper library/driver support.


So, any pointers of a way that SHOULD work that I could try? I don't mind buying another usb wifi (pinepple, etc), or trying again with the hotspot approach, but at this point not sure if it's an issue with the configuration, or if it's an OS/driver/hardware issue.

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