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Hi, I recently got a USB rubber ducky, but I'm stuck as to how to use it. I tried a hello world script but nothing showed up on the screen. I have an Asus c200 Chromebook,and tested it on that, and a windows 8 laptop. Both with now results. I just received this yesterday, and haven't had too much time to play with it (like 30 mins.) As I see it, the led blinks like its supposed to, but no result.

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I tried some scripts and on my WP computer they worked fine but my W10 they failed. What I ended up doing was testing first line 1 then adding a command line one at a time and using a long delay DELAY 1500 between each command line until I got it working. Then I shortened the delays until it was trying to run too fast and settled on the fastest functional speed. At one point I began testing the the key commands manually to see if they worked at all on my W10 computer. That is where I found GUI command did not work in W10 and after looking up alternate commands I found CTRL ESC would do it.

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Thanks for the help. I finally figured some things out about it and that was one of them. First off, Running on the chromebook doesn't work because of the speed that the duck is typing at. Setting DEFAULTDELAY to ~50/letter is what i had to do instead. I didn't test much with speeds, but that's where i got. As for the windows computer, the issue there was the speed of the computer itself. Its a cheap $300 computer, with crap specs, so I stopped testing on it. I found another one that is faster, and am testing it now. Thanks for the help Doc! :lol:

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