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[Official] ettercap

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10 hours ago, muthu-raj said:

how to fix it??

is it on your sd card? maybe you need to symlink it?

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  5 hours ago, Cap_Sig said:

Here's a possible starting point: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/virtualization/virtualbox-vm  Issue here is if you plan to use pineapple modules you will need to use the same architecture which will be the hard part to overcome.

Tho there are issues with the modules that are being currently worked out the base system of the pineapple should be functional on the right firmware version.

I can finally solve the issue as I was expect the problem is with new update 2.6.x I found page for all firmware of pineapple and there if found (nano_factory.bin)   which make the pineapple downgrade to 2.4.1 firmware version  and solve all the issue with sslspilt and ettercap and other module even site survey is now work for me 

For who have these issues with his pineapple you can go to this site  


And then choose your pineapple type for me is nano

You will find all pineapple firmware 

go down to wifi pineapple nano recovery firmware and download it 

Press the reset button and insert it to your pc for five second and leave the reset button

Set the IP address of pineapple ethernet to

Now go to your browser and type

And upload the recovery firmware and enjoy  

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6 hours ago, Ahmed Naeem said:

And upload the recovery firmware and enjoy

Glad you found a solution for the time being!

Just a reminder for anyone trying this, when a factory recovery / firmware recovery is discussed this is referring to the above process.  It is very important to only do this with the factory recovery bin.  The process is a lot different than doing a factory reset.

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WIFI Pineapple Nano,Execute the installation command, the error is as follows, I also cannot install dependencies from the web side.

root@Pineapple:/sd/modules#  opkg --dest sd install ettercap
Unknown package 'ettercap'.
Collected errors:
 * pkg_get_installed_files: Failed to open /sd//usr/lib/opkg/info/nmap.list: No such file or directory.
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package ettercap.


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