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remote access not working


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Hey guys, I've been trying to figure this out for a few days without any luck. I want to pick your brains to see what I'm missing. What I'm trying to do is manage my pineapple remotely using a windows machine. My current setup is a raspberry pi running kali linux *it's running the openssh server on port 42*, and I have the pineapple able to connect to the raspberry pie using auto ssh. I've confirmed this by running netstat -n --protocol inet | grep ':42' on the raspberry pi and I can see the pineapples wan connection. I can also access the ssh server from my windows machine and verified the connection. The problem I'm running into is when I try to access pineapple interface from my windows machine using host:1471. Doesn't seem like the relay is forwarding the port over to my pineapple. I've checked the sshd_config file and confirmed that AllowTcpForwarding yes and GatewayPorts yes is at the end of the file. From the information I provided do you see anything I'm missing?

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