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Mark 5 For Sale (Complete Kit) and Lan Turtle


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This is a whole kit I bought at DefCon had every intention of using it and never did. It is basically brand new powered it on flashed firmware and that was it.

Wifi Pineapple w/ 2x short antenna
Pair of 9DBI SMA dipole antennas for extended range
Alfa USB WiFi adapter w/ antenna
Pineapple Juice 15000 USB Battery Pack (For Mobile On the Go Auditing)
Wall Charging Block with cables
Tactical Elite EDC (Every Day Carry) Shoulder Bag

You must buy the whole kit not selling the Pineapple separately from the rest

The lan turtle I will sell separately if the party buying the kit does not want it.

Make offer


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Pineapple: $100
9db antennas: $15

ALFA: $18

Cables: $5

Power: $5 if bought off site

Battery: $40 off site

EDC: $55

Total retail: $238

I have no interest in the EDC. So I'll start at $92. Half of retail, minus the EDC.
No offense. I'd offer more if I could manage to sell my laptop.

If it would make my deal a bit more considerable, you could keep the ALFA and a 9dbi. I actually have it with a 9dbi myself, and it's great. Same for the EDC. (I bought the original ultimate and tactical bundle. I was able to fit both of the bundles, as well as a few extras, inside of the tactical bag without using the main compartment.)

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