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Issue with running a file form the SD

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So, I was abke to flash my Ducky with Twin Duck, it works, it mounts it like a USB Device and is awesome, but when I make it try to run a program of any sort, it, well, doesn't.

This is the payload i've tried to use:


But doesn't work. When I plug in the Ducky, it automatically mounts it as a USB Drive, if that means anything.

I've also tried this Payload to see if it would even copy my file:


Again it doesn't. Anyone wanna toss me some advice/help? Much much appreciated, thanks. :)


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Please elaborate on what it is doing if it's not doing what you want. Both scripts are known to work using TwinDuck.

When I plug un the USB, it will instantly mount it, then after the delay I have it set to, it will go through everything, I changed the payload to not hide the comand prompt, so it willget through everything, then on the command prompt it will sit on where it will have the ^Z and the next line available to type.

I then let it sit there for a couple minutes, and nothing. Ill try to get a video/gif of it asap.

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The drive on the Ducky (Ie, the SD Card) doesn't appear to be labelled as "DUCKY". Inserting the SD Card by itself and labelling it "DUCKY" should correct the issue.

Oh shit, I never thought of doing that, i'll do asap and post back with the results. Thanks.

EDIT: Tried it, BEAUTIFUL! It works. I feel so silly now, I completely overlooked that.

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