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I have a meterpreter shell to a Mark V behind a firewall. I would like to use it to pivot to another box on the network, however I am not sure if the portfwd command is the way to go. It would be nice, for example, to use the portfwd to access an RDP session on a windows box. The pineapple has two interfaces, one wired, one wireless, both are on the local network. I'm using 4444 on the wired interface as the port to call home to the remote network. I have a machine on the local network that is listening on 3389. Anyone have a clear understanding of the portfwd command they could share?

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I finally got back to this and figured out where I was going wrong. I have a pineapple at on the protected side of an asa 5505 firewall. It is creating a meterpreter shell to my work station through the firewall. Also on the protected side of the firewall is a Win7 laptop accepting rdp on 3389 at After connecting to the shell the command: "portfwd add -l 1234 -p 3389 -r" creates a forwarded rdp port. The part I was missing is that I needed to start an rdp session to I also created a forward using "portfwd add -l 1235 -p 1471 -r". When I point a browser at get the web interface of the pineapple.

Hope this helps anyone else that is playing with this.

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