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[recon-ng] can't find a recon/ module


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I have a book which says I can use recon-ng like this :

recong-ng > use recon/hosts/gather/http/web/google_site

Firstly, on my shell, the prompt isn't the same.

Secondly, I can't find it the command line...

The more close command line is this :

[recon-ng][default] > use recon/hosts-
recon/hosts-domains/migrate_hosts recon/hosts-hosts/ipinfodb
recon/hosts-hosts/bing_ip recon/hosts-hosts/resolve
recon/hosts-hosts/freegeoip recon/hosts-hosts/reverse_resolve

So the command or module isn't available anymore ?

Thanks :)

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Tim regularly updates recon-ng so anything that has made it into print is probably way out of date by now. The same functionality will still be there somewhere you'll just need to have a dig around.

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