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[Official] tcpdump

Whistle Master

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33 minutes ago, p28312 said:

No, from the module (web GUI).  I created the directory from terminal.  I'll try to do it via the tcpdump command too.

If i enter in the write command in the GUI i get no output file


But works for me in terminal



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That's strange. The correct line should be

MYCMD=`cat /tmp/tcpdump.run`

As the whole command is passed as a var to the script. The command filed should not be empty as it's what is passed. Even if you don't specify any filters, you should see, at the minimum, tcpdump in the filed.

See discussion here.

Can you make sure that the command field is not empty when you start it ? And then, if you ssh and see the content of tcpdump.run, you should have the whole command, even with tcpdump.

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1 hour ago, Whistle Master said:

See discussion here, I guess the issue is that without touching any filters / options, the command field stays empty, therefore the error then.

I'm working on it.

Thanks - is the fix to use some startup switches, or should blank be acceptable?

I do not have any options specified - I have a vanilla install.

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