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some how forgot about asking this question here, basically at the time of the post I was messing with 300-315 Mhz but now I was wondering if there is a way to measure for a wide variety of freqs, with sdr we can go all over the place. but there are only a few freq ranges that have common antenna available, so I would like to build my own for many different ranges.

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Check out the discone antenna design http://www.tinkersoc.org/2013/01/software-defined-radio/

There's one on amazon that covers the full range of the rtl-sdr.

As far as covering everything the hackRF does it doesn't look like that really possible (i could be wrong still very much noob on this stuff). From what I've gathered so far you need to make an antenna for the frequency range that you are interested in and has to do with the mathematics of the radio waves and your antenna style/dimensions.


is a good feed to check out for different ones


is a book that comes highly recommended on learning more about the subject, i think from this video

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thanks for the links, ya that's exactly my point, the Hackrf has way too much of a range to use even few antenna, so I want to make new ones for the different ranges that I am currently messing with. Too expensive and hard to find for allot of the freqs.I am definetly not an expert but I do know how much a of a difference that tuning your antenna for the freq makes on CB radios, I would love to mess with tuning for the hackrf freqs for each antenna.

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