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GPG made easier


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I hope anyway! I put together 2 scripts to make it easy to pipe strings into/out of gpg from the commandline and I have found it useful

$ cat ./encrypt.sh
cat - | gpg --encrypt -r $(gpg --list-secret-keys | grep '^sec ' | head -n 1 | cut -d\  -f4 | cut -d/ -f2)

$ cat ./decrypt.sh
exec 3<> $TEMPFILE
cat - >&3
zenity --password --title="Passphrase" --cancel-label="Skip"  | gpg --no-tty --passphrase-fd 0 --decrypt -q --no-use-agent $TEMPFILE
if [ -x $(which shred) ]; then
	shred -z -n 6 -u $TEMPFILE;
	rm -f $TEMPFILE;
exec 3>&-
So you should be able to do things like:

$ echo 'Hello World' | ./encrypt.sh > encfile.bin
$ cat encfile.bin | ./decrypt.sh
Hello World
I've tested it somewhat and it seems to work well. But it might not work well if you system has more then one

secret key on it, cause it uses the first public/secret key pair it finds in your gpg keyring.

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