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Life Saving Script #2 ~ Safe Remove (saferm)


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I found this post here: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/32757-life-saving-script/

Then today I was thinking about it, and thought of a way to possibly prevent having to use a script like that.

So I wrote this simple bash script which you can use instead of rm and it will force you to confirm whether you really want to execute that command or not:

Or you can skip the prompt after typing it correctly by having "-y" as the last argument!


#AlfAlfa ~ saferm (safe remove, another life saving script! {shortened thanks to Cooper})

if [[ $lastarg == '-y' ]]; then
rm $args
rm -i $args $lastarg

Since typos and accidentally hitting enter when you didn't mean to can happen, I think this is a good safeguard to make sure you really typed the command you wanted before actually going through with the removal!

Make it executable and copy it to /usr/bin or a similar directory so that you can execute it from anywhere.

Then use it like:

saferm /file/to/remove.txt

(Upon hitting enter it will ask you to confirm and you have to hit y to confirm)

Or like:

saferm -R /directory/and/files/to/remove -y

(the '-y' at the end like with apt-get will confirm without the prompt, and you're unlikely to type that after a bad command by accident)


EDIT: Thanks to Cooper it is now a bit shorter and better and also theres an easier way! Since rm -i already does the prompt, and better because it gives you more information about the operation that's about to take place, and prompts for individual files that it's about to remove. :smile:

Alternative method:

alias saferm "rm -i"


alias saferm "rm -I"

Add that to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_aliases with whatever you want to call the alias even 'rm' to super impose that over rm...

Then when you use it, add an "-f" at the end of the line to skip the prompt(s) like "-y" from my version.

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alias rm "rm -i"
Add to your ~/.bashrc to make permanent.

Thanks Cooper! I feel a little bit silly now seeing that rm -i already does this. However not entirely, because it doesn't then have a way to skip the prompt(s) at the last argument when you know it's what you want.(not without back arrowing and backspacing the -i) The idea is that once you get to the end of typing your line, you know you haven't accidentally hit enter at that point and can just add the -y to still just do it without anything more of you. In the script '-y' has to be the last argument! (or it'll be passed to rm and that isn't a valid switch for rm) I didn't want the confirmation prompts always since I thought that would be a little annoying and I'd end up just using rm...

All in all this is still a little bit better than the setting an alias and adding it to ~/.bashrc! Thanks though as I've made my script a bit shorter now.

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