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Pineapple Nano in the High School Classroom


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Hello everyone,

First of all thanks for all the great information, I have enjoyed reading posts and watching videos for a while now. I teach cybersecurity at my local high school. It is a four-year, five class program that begins with an introduction to computers (next year this class will lead to Comptia A+ certification).

I purchased three Pineapple Nano's for classroom use (as well as Land truand that is why I am turning to this forum. This is the first year of the program and I am basically one year ahead of the students. The course work has to be tied in to industry certification exams so this is the current outline.

The district has also purchased 30 Raspberry Pi 2 bundles. I would like to teach students the use of the Nano with Rasp Pi using Kali.

Course 1: Introduction to computers >>>> Comptia A+

Course 2 : Introduction to networking (concepts in cybersecurity/pentesting ) >>>> Preparation for Network+

Course 3 : Continue networking (continued concepts in cybersecurity/pentesting) >>>> Network+ exam

Course 4: Security, course will lead to Cisco's Cybersecurity certification

Course 5: Applied cybersecurity, this class is designed for students playing Capture the Flag, advance hands-on network configuration and defense, advance hands-on pentesting (competition-based live environment.

All that to ask this...

What is the best way to incorporate the Pineapple Nano and other tools into this type of high school curriculum? What skills do I need to teach them first?

As I mentioned earlier, we are building this bicycle as we ride it and we know that the program is in a constant state of flux. In fact, the entire program has been re-designed since the inception last March (all dramatic improvements).

In short, if Hak5 had a high school curriculum, what would it look like?

Thanks to all in advance!!

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Hi I am new to the forums but I have taught at a few STEM schools and colleges as a guest teacher or speaker and this is what I think would be a good idea.

Course 1: Introduction to Linux
Course 2: Introduction to Cyber Security (What CS is all about & understanding of tools)
Course 3: Intermediate Cyber Security (Getting hands on with the tools)

Course 4: Advanced Cyber Security (Penetration Testing)
Course 5: Applied Cyber Security and Penetration Testing (CTF Events, Red Team Exercises, Programming Challenges, etc.)

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First off I want to say GREAT! I wish my high school had something like this but then again we didn't have a lot of computers nor were things as cheap as the rasberry pi. I understand you probably have to have things like the A+ and that to get the board to approve it. I would say though instead of the cisco cyber security certification what about Security+?? Sounds like you have a great plan though. I would also look into things like the De-ice ISOs, metasploitable, DAMN Vulnerable web app. Things like that for some of your learning ISOs. Also if you want to get into buffer over flows ability server is an easy one to write one for and it's a free software.

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