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mark v pineapple wifi never shows up or connects, even with ethernet


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I try typing in the ip address with the port, like and clicking enter until the cows come home and it never shows up anymore... At least, almost never. It hasn't shown up in the browser or wifi in several hours. I can't ping the device, even with the ethernet chord connected. I am wondering if a USB-Male-A to USB-A-Male would solve the problem or if I need to fix it over wifi. Ethernet light is on on the pineapple itself.

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I was playing around trying to be able to connect to the wifi pineapple via wifi again, and I screwed up my ethernet by accident. The only adapter I can diagnose that has something wrong is ethernet. Here is my network adapters:


Here is the error I get when trying to diagnose it:


And when I try to fix it as an administrator:


Does anyone know if THIS might work? I am scared of trying it:



How do I get ethernet protocol again, or fix whatever the problem is?

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I thought the USB port in the pineapple could connect to the laptop instead of ethernet in the meantime.

Nope. USB on the MKV is for connecting devices to it, not for connecting it to computers. Running power into the usb port could break the pineapple.

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I fixed it. First I fixed the Ethernet issue by using a program I downloaded called FixWin, the version for windows 10. I then applied all of the networking fixes and restarted my computer. Then, once Ethernet was working, I bridged the adapters and replicated the physical connection state and got it working even over wifi, as well as Ethernet.

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