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Brand new to pineapple


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Thanks Seb, appreciate it

Bi Bolus and welcome to the WiFi Pineapple Community!

Let me get right to your questions:

  1. You can insert the card right away, because you can format it using the WiFi Pineapple webinterface. Simply navigate to the Advanced module and select "Format SD card" from the dropdown in the USB panel. This will format the card ext4 and also create a 1GB swap partition. After the process is done, you may need to remove and re-insert the SD card for it to mount. Saying that, there is currently a bug with it not mounting at boot, but the upcoming firmware upgrade will resolve this.
  2. You can use it right away, but it would be best to let it charge first. Simply use the provided micro USB cable and wait until all four LEDs are light up. Should only take a couple of hours, depending on current charge level and rate of charging.
  3. Kali will make your life the easiest, but Win7 or OSX will do just fine. With OSX, there are issues with ICS (Thanks, Apple!), but I was recently told of a program called "IceFloor" which allows you to reliably do ICS. Not sure what other firewall settings you need to change though. In the end, if you don't mind linux, Kali is a good one.

I hope that answers all your questions :)

Best Regards,


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