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Difference between Mark vs Nano?


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One if the benefits to the Nano is that it doesn't have the realtek chip with the 11mbps throughput issue -- other benefits are that the web interface is SO much better. Its way cleaner and more responsive and feels amazing. Also with the new API design developers are able to create new modules so much faster than before so you can expect to see some cool new modules on the nano.

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The Mark V and NANO share the same CPU and RAM. Otherwise the major hardware differences are:

- ASIX USB Ethernet

- AR9271 second radio

- Genesys Logic Micro SD card reader

- Alcor Micro USB hub

These components were chosen for their performance and reliability.

Currently the 6th gen software (built on Chaos Calmer rather than Attitude Adjustment) is only on the NANO and the forthcoming 5Ghz pineapple -- though we're planning to do a port to the Mark V once the new device is out and the NANO is out of its Dev & Eval phase.

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What are the main differences between the AR9271 and the AR9331, just out of curiosity?

Was there a reason that 2 different radios are chosen : ie, can 2 of the same not share the same board?

Choosing hardware as an OEM. That sounds like a really interesting fun job! :)

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