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tom is sad


Can a real man cry?  

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Picture the scene, i have been downloading a rather large torrent (15GB) for the last week or so.

There's a power outage and my system goes down, fsck runs at boot and BAM! the dam thing deletes my torrent status files or what have you, so essentially the data is still there but it doesn't show in azureus.

it was on 96%, so if there is anyway to recover it i would be rather happy to hear it.

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Use the python client. Or probably any other one. What should happen, or at least is happening with, say, bittornado, is that the program sees the file, has the torrent with the checksums, and goes over the file to test which blocks are already in. Takes AGES, so if you're at, like, 10%, just kill the file and start over. At 90%+, let it compute hashes for a bit. :)

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re open the torrent file and point it to the same folder you did in the first place it will check the file and only download what you haven’t.

Thanks, that worked, it took ages to verify the data but that’s better than downloading it again.

15 GB? Were you downloading a season of TV shows?

Almost, the star trek movies. In an entirely unrelated topic I often find myself wondering quite why I never get laid.

I'm all happy now, thanks

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Well, I'm not sure how these arguments perpetuate really-at the end of the day, if you're in a country and break their laws (no matter whether you agree with them or not) you can't moan when you get nailed for it. You live in that country, therefore it's their balls, their game. If however, you're ok with breaking the law and you never get caught doing it, then it's only you that you have to answer for, no-one else. End of.

Right, as to whether a real man can cry-yes, he can :). However, Chuck Norris makes a woman out of a man if he catches them crying. Chuck Norris never cries.

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