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Questions about wifi hacking


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Pretty sure the ap won't accept any requests from anything after the limit is reached.

Tested on BT HomeHub 2 (yeh, rubbish, ikr!).

Confirmed that this happens after around 20/21 times. Nothing can connect until resetting the hub, which you have to do via actually pressing the button on it using your actual finger.

At least I know no one can bruteforce the thing.

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Could you set up a shell script to do this for you?

1.) Check status of AP.


3.) Check status of AP.

4.) If not locked down, then step 1. If locked down, wait x number of seconds, then step 3.

5.) Leave it running until success.

6.) Profit.

*Edit* Hope you're very patient, because this could take a while. Like, a long while.

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