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LAN Turtle physical connection configuration


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I had to think for a few minutes to find a suitable title for this topic!

I don't own a LAN Turtle (yet!) but I was wondering if you guys could help me with answering a few questions.

I understand that the LAN Turtle has three possible physical connection configurations

1) PC USB --> Ethernet connected

2) PC USB --> Ethernet not connected

3) External USB power source --> Ethernet

I understand in configuration (1) and (2) the LAN turtle acts as an ethernet device and can also provide internet connection (only in configuration [1]).

I also understand with configuration (3) you basically have access to that network. i.e. like connecting your laptop to the network.

My question is, could you please tell me which modules work with what configuration. I suppose Man-in-the-middle attacks are not possible with configuration (3).

Many thanks


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To expand a bit on what m40295 is saying, arpspoof is built in to the turtle, but there is no module for it currently. So if you exit the gui, in the command line you can arpspoof your target and become the man in the middle. I can't remember if tcpdump is installed default, but you can always

opkg update

opkg install tcpdump

Then output all the sniffed packets to your sshfs folder and you're golden! Hopefully one of these days sslstrip will once again be updated, then you could REALLY kick some ass.../sigh one can dream...


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