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newbie needs help


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thanks so much for the help but there are a few things i still need to know like what kind of laptop would you recommend and on what os should it run ? what are the devices and gadgets a newbie needs to become a hacker ? what programming language should i learn first ? e.t.c take no offence am completely new to this stuff

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The shitty but honest answer is "it depends".

Social engineering requires little more than a likeable personality. Can you talk your way into a secure building? Congratulations, you're now a hacker.

If you want to get into stuff like software attacks it helps to have access to a computer. You don't even need to own one, but it's substantially more conveniently to have one. What kind of computer, again, very much depends. I like the idea of having a small, light, portable device to have on me and if I need to do something that requires a little more oomph than this little device can muster I connect to my home PC and let it chew on the tough bits while I continue to go about my business. Other people prefer to just have a battleship of a laptop to lug anywhere they go, which can do everything standalone. Those beasts come at a cost and often require you to have access to power wherever you are for you to be productive long enough to get your job done. When you're just getting into the field, I would suggest you hold off with buying a laptop and, for now, just use the computer you're already using.

To gain an understanding of the concepts you'll be confronted with you don't need a very powerful device, so hold off buying one until you actually know this is something you want to pursue.

Unless you already have programming experience, I would suggest you start with learning PowerShell on Windows and/or shell scripting on Linux. People often underestimate the power these shells provide, and they do a great job of automating away the boring and mundane tasks. You can make it as fancy or as gonzo as you want but at the end of the day the only question that matters is "does it do what I need it to do?" and if the answer to that is "yes" you're done.

A great thing to do to get an understanding of the various hacking concepts is to create your own lab which is actually just the act of running one or more virtual machines on your own PC and attacking it. You can practice breaking in by installing an old/unpatched OS and running exploits against it and you can practice securing a box against such attacks.

The next step would be to learn to *read* software code. What language greatly depends on the software you're either using or attacking. If that's often written in C, it helps to be able to read that so you understand what's going on and are able to quickly discover coding mistakes. If it's often written in Python, learn Python. The 'best' language is the language you need the most. If you never need to understand assembly code, why bother even looking at it?

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thanks once again i would like to go into the software attacks stuffs so i have decided to learn python but when i downloaded it and tried to open it but it said i had used the wrong installer so now how do i know what installer to use? am about to google it but just needed your opinion.

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Google first, ask opinions later. You're downloading a binary that is probably not compatible with the hardware you're installing it on, so something like a 64-bit program on a 32-bit platform, that sort of thing.

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