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HackRF One 35$ 65 / Piece


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That's the problem with the Hack-RF's open hardware stance. Everything's out there for the lowest producer to make a product out of.

What do you mean with "What do you think you are"?

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Need to pay attention to the parts list. Know some of these alternate builds uses a lower spec processor then over clock it. So it might use more power or be less stable for example. Also from what I understand all the hardware test code and hardware test jigs aren't open source so the the assembly line testing of these isn't as goos as the ones from Great Scott Gadgets.

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support Michael Ossman, I got the HackrfOne as soon as It was available after kic-kstarter and LOVE it!!! I have purchased arduino clones from china and they work o"k" as long as you are willing to fight for drivers because they use similar components and the firmware is not the same as the main stream chips, I would hate to deal with that on something like the Hack rf ONE, there is not enough time to play with it as it is

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You must have heard the saying, "you get what you pay for", haven't you? How about, buyer beware?

How much do you like YOUR money? I don't know anybody who doesn't like it when you give YOUR money to THEM.

What you hope to get in return is up to YOU to decide if it was what you wanted and does what you need.

Most here are not interested in a copy which may be cheaper but rather choose to respect Michael's work.

If you can't afford the one you want today, then save your money, otherwise you get to take the risk.

Let us know how that works out for you. Good luck. - 73

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