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No handshake


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I am interested in Wireless hacking, so i installed my "old" WiFi router in my living room for this puropose.Let me say that i have sucessfully "hacked" my mobile AP as well as my "modem-router" with integrated WiFi.

In both of those devices i got handshake, but with this router there is no handshake.

My USB Wifi Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN722N

Router: TP-Link TL-WR941ND

Linux: Kali v2

I tried those steps:

1.) airdump-ng wlan0mon
2.) airodump-ng --bssid DD:51:44:88:EF:AA -c 1 --write /root/Desktop/Projekt4/ssidname wlan0mon
3.) aireplay-ng --deauth 5 -a DD:51:44:88:EF:AA wlan0mon
4.) aircrack-ng -w /root/Documents/Dic/rockyou.txt -b DD:51:44:88:EF:AA /root/Desktop/Projekt4/ssidname.cap

The router is not connected to the internet. In step 3 i am seeing disconnected devices, trying connecting again. But no handshake.

What am i doing wrong?

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You don't mention connecting a client to the AP, if you don't do that then there can't be any handshakes.

If you do then are you sure you've got the right BSSID? You didn't take the MAC address of the wired interface by accident did you?

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Yes, i tried to connect with the client to the AP, but without success to get handshake.

Yes it is a right BSSID. I get handshake wenn trying to "hack" AP (hotstpot) on mobile device and with the main router in the house. But with this "testing" router no success.

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I had a similar problem recently, for some reason the handshake was actually captured but airodump failed to say that it had actually captured the handshake! Check the capture file(s) with aircrack to see if in fact there is a handshake that has been caught.

aircrack-ng your_ap*.cap

I was like wtf, so all that time I was waiting for a handshake (since deauthing didn't seem to get through but actually maybe it did) and I had it the whole time, it just failed to mention that it had gotten it!

I don't know what causes this, but it's worth mentioning... Also those who know, do you have to be close enough to both the client and AP, or just the AP or just the client?

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Continue running step 3. Once it shows it has the handshake, keep doing a deauth a few more times while capturing and make sure the clients are reconnecting. I've actually had incidents where it said it captured the handshake, and found none in aircrack afterwards for cracking. Sometimes they are incomplete or only part of the handshake. Probes aren't connections, so be sure you actually see clients at the bottom of airmon-ng, not just probes. By leaving it running a a bit longer and continuing, ensures they are actually captured.

Also, ss the setup definitely WPA though and not WEP? Double check your routers settings, make sure you set it up properly to test against.

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