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Personal security issues


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Hello everybody, for the past few months I have been noticing that certain elements of this site have been unencrypted, for example, when I visit the Hak 5 main page, there are elements, such as pictures or something which are unencrypted. I have also noticed that the main forums have been encrypted, but whenever I click into a specific topic things are unencrypted. Is someone man in the middleing me, or is this a website specific problem? Everything appears to be encrypted correctly now however.

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the next time you see a problem, record as much info as you can, even if it's just saving from the browser its html source code in a text editor. Look at dns requests/responses, troute, even a ping might tell you a little bit. All else fails, look at a tcpdump of the interface.

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I noticed on this forum that embedding a youtube movie triggers ABP to block something, which kinda makes sense.

The http on https stuff I suspect has something to do with people being able to specify a URL to be used for their forum pic rather than forcing them to upload the actual picture and serving it from the forum server itself. It's how some forum users try to figure out your actual IP (for little more reason than knowing that they can).

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