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unknown wifi connection but PineAP is disabled


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sometimes i get a connection from a client.

Here the Probe:

Request from c0:bd:d1:37:fc:4e for SSID '86588486180856258272'

Here the Associations:

c0:bd:d1:37:fc:4e trying to associate with '86588486180856258272'

The strange is, i dont activated the PineAP Daemon. No Send Beacon Responses, no Harvest SSIDs and no Dogma. The Client connect to the SSID '86588486180856258272' but i dont send this SSID.

I dont understand this. Can someone explain me this?


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Yes it's active. I think it is necessary to receive the probes?! :huh:

Not to receive probes, but to receive associations (and association log messages). All that Karma really does is allow any associations.

Disable Karma but keep the logging enabled and it'll work :)

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