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Halloween with John Crunchman Draper


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So last night had to be the coolest night ever a really awesome friend and I from the old days of Yahoo's Hackers Lounge:1 have been chatting for a few years on Skype and last night I got to spend a few minutes talking with the Crunchman hes gonna be busy he said cause hes attending a conference in about 9 days at geekfestberlin so he will be busy but said me might be able to chat some time after his touring.

My friend asked to remain anonymous in the picture so hes got an anonymous mask over his face im at the bottom on camera I have to say its kinda cool I've never got to attend defcon because im scared of flying and stuff so that's always held back from attending conferences but will be cool to one day have him host a Skype session me to just listen to what he has to say and any advice he has for me inthe direction im going with my teaching I do I ethical hacking and cyber security.

Obviously I have no need for him to teach me how to hack stuff but would be cool to just sit back one night on Skype and let him Speak his mind maybe pick his mind of some things I might have questions about that he might know.

Screen shot of me and Crunchman on Skype


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Heh, I met Captian Crunch 5 or 6 years ago at a DefCon bbq. Cool dude. Little out there sometimes though.

I've been told by people who have talked to me that im a little out there as well.

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I ran into him at Hack In The Box Amsterdam last year. He seemed to be mostly interested in acquiring as much cannabis as he could get his hands on. You may giggle at this, but I felt it was rather sad.

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