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reconstruction of an image (picture) file from multiple files


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So I'm working in Kali and want to reconstruct this QR code image from multiple files. I remember this topic being touched on briefly in a digital forensics class I took a few years ago, but can't remember where to begin. There are 4 files involved, and only one has the top 1/4 of the QR image.

The others are the ones stumping me. I think the 3 other files are encrypted, but when I use FTK imager the contents aren't really identifiable to a certain encryption type. It's gibberish.

Would anyone be able to suggest a good tool to use in windows or in linux for this kind of thing?


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I couldn't believe how simple it was. I was fiddling with FTK Imager and also with EnCase. While you are right about the jpg header, you can also see the end of a jpg file because it is denoted with footer info, FF D9. Once I realized that I was thinking of how to combine all 4, and so I just tried cat and that worked! It was just a guessing game with the last 2 remaining files as to which order they came in, but I got it and was able to reconstruct the image. :)

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