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Daily Mail article on hacking the FitBit


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Hi all,

Just read a simple but interesting article in the Daily Mail regarding hacking the FitBit sports watch;


It's an interesting concept, I was wondering if some of the more 'out-of-the-box' minds here could explain how something like this might be achieved using the programs and concepts we know today?

I found it funny that the company who owns the FitBit stated that there's no way it could be hacked. Clearly they don't understand that ALL technology receiving a signal can be hacked. It's just a matter of working out how. Possibly, due to their lack of an interest in protecting against hacking, there could be some as-yet unknown vulnerabilities here.

I'm thinking along the lines of getting malicious files on to the FitBit, or overwriting the data already held on there, and then transferring this malicious code when the user connects the FitBit to a PC to download fitness data/charge the battery?

Any ideas/thoughts?

*edit* So according to their own website, their watches sync wirelessly to user's PCs using Bluetooth, or plugs in to the user's PC via USB data cable. So of course it could be hacked! Probably possible to spoof the MAC/IP of the PC to get the FitBit to connect to your PC instead of the users, but ofc you'd have to be in close proximity. Or obviously just plug it in! It is a data cable, after all.

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