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Mark V - Error Connecting. Please check your WiFi Pineapple's internet connection


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I am new to the Wifi Pineappple, and was hoping to get some help.

I am having trouble upgrading the firmware. I have reset to defaults several times, and every time I try, I get this message "Error connecting. Please check your WiFi Pineapple's internet connection."

Here is what I have done so far:

1. Power on the Wifi Pineapple, wait for the special blink pattern and then plug in ethernet.

2. Ethernet is now plugged from my laptop to the device.

3. Open browser

4. Enter password etc.

5. Go to network tab, client mode, select my wifi, enter password, and connnect.

6. I then go to the Mark V page, and check for firmware updates.

Every time I follow this process, I cannot connect. I have tried with multiple computers, both Kali Linux and Windows.

Can somebody help me please? Thanks.

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