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Imaging an Orange Pi Plus?


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So a while ago I ordered this Orange Pi Plus. I was thinking it would be kind cool. It's not.

I wrote the ubuntu to the sd card with dd. I was thinking it would boot from the SD card. It boots from the internal memory. So I'm not sure how to delete this chinese android image and install a real Linux on this thing. All of the instructions say that if I insert the SD card it should boot into the OS. But it boots to shitty Android image instead. No idea what I'm doing wrong here and I can't find any instructions.

As of right now if I had to do a product review I would say don't buy one of these.

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The way similar boards work (only my PcDuino 3 Nano had internal flash) is that they boot from flash only when booting from SD fails (where "fails" means it can't read anything resembling boot code from the disk).

The place to get more info is the forums. I'd start with one of the images mentioned here and ask there if things don't pan out. It also helps to keep track of exactly what you did up until the point things fail, and what, if anything, gets shown on the screen.

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